I took this picture on May 17, 2004 - the day we found Creedence.
We started calling him Aardvark soon after.

Trying to look innocent after rooting around in the planter.

Hanging out in a hole he dug.

Sleeping in a peculiar position.

Preparing to take a nap.

On a trip to meet some of my co-workers.  Geneva is mostly obscured in the 
background and that's Lemorris (www.58vw.com) holding Aardvark's leash.

For some time we worried about him being too skinny, but the
vet says his weight is perfect.  He's just not the heavyset type.
He did gain a little weight after going on prednisone, but not a whole lot.

Aardvark loves to climb on our cars.
We often find him curled up on a car roof, sleeping peacefully.

The wolf prepares for a nap after getting rid of that pesky Little Red Riding Hood.

Cooling off on a hot summer day.

"Oh, did you just sweep? My bad."

The reason his nickname is Aardvark.