Here are some of my favorite hangouts on the Web.
Not surprisingly, a lot of them are animal-related,
though not all of them are.


An "illustrated field guide" to my sister Lisa's 20+ cats (and Tony, her horse).

This is the home page for Norsycat Maine Coon cattery in Hungary, which features pictures of the beautiful cats owned by Norá, who runs the cattery.  

Jungle Photos - Main site - Javelina page

The Jungle Photos site provides information about the animals, plants, and people of the Amazon, Galapagos Islands, and Africa.  There are loads of great pictures, a users group, a glossary, books about the Amazon, and much more!  Since I'm a javelina/peccary fan, I included the link to the javelina page.

VWs and Art

This site contains some of my friend-and-former-co-worker Lemorris's automotive illustrations and some very silly, mostly VW-related videos.

(P.S.  If you have nothing better to do, try running the name Lemorris through a spell-checker and see what it suggests as a replacement.  It's kind of funny.)

Check out the artwork produced by both Lemorris and his wife Carole on these sites.  Both of them are disgustingly talented - plus, the sites are just cool.  Carole is an excellent equine artist, so if you're into horses, you've got to check it out.

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