We love bats and are fortunate enough to play host to a colony of Pallid bats from spring until fall every year.  They hang out (literally) in an unfinished building we call the "workshop," using it as a rest stop between hunting trips.  These bats eat insects primarily and specialize in scorpions.   I've never seen a scorpion in the workshop, now that I think about it...

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They really have cute little faces...

A bunch o'bats.

Bat pile!

The one on the left is smiling.

In September of 2007, we were delighted to discover that a different 
species of bat has joined the Pallid bats. We originally thought they were
Pipistrelles, but a bat fancier named Ericka e-mailed me to say that she thinks they are 
Little Brown bats or Arizona Myotis. After looking at pictures online, I think she's correct.  
They are always very careful to hang out in a different area from the Pallid bats.

A Little Brown bat/Arizona Myotis lineup.
They don't stack on top of each other like the Pallid bats do.

This guy doesn't line up with the other ones.
He's always on the opposite wall by himself.

I was attempting to photograph the Little Browns
when a Pallid bat flew through the scene.